Аня Брагинская - Win what? That’s great for you! And I guess it...

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Аня Брагинская

All will become one with Mother Russia, da?

Привет~Моя друзья́! Как дела?
Я Россия. Меня зовут Аня! ^し^
Hello, I am the personification of the Motherland country Russia. My name is Anya Braginskaya and feel free to ask me anything~

M!A: None
Relationship Status: Single
Upcoming Events:
+February 14: Valentine's Day
авг 6 '13

Win what? That’s great for you! And I guess it similar to being drunk. I cant really tell. ^J^

(M!A  Sweet Nothings 24 hours)

(M!A Vodka Bottle 2/6)

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